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Services to Enhance Your Local Presence

More than ever people are using their smartphones and desktops to look for information about local businesses. What do they find when your business pops up in a search? Be Local Now helps local businesses optimize and enhance their presence in local search.

  • Street View Imagery

    Street View imagery provides a fully-immersive look at your business.

  • Overlay System

    Add engaging content on top of your Street View imagery.

  • Video Marketing

    Videos are a great way to show off your business in an engaging way.

  • Website Optimization

    Your website is a direct signal to Google and your customers. Send the right message.

  • Google MyBusiness Optimization

    Make sure that people can find you in local search even if they don't know your name.

  • Google Analytics

    Understand how people are finding you and how they interact with your website.

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Genesee Country Village & Museum

Largest Living History Museum on Street View

After two months of shooting, and nearly 800 panoramic images, Genesee Country Village & Museum is now the largest living history museum on Google Street View. The tour goes into over 60 buildings, over two miles of path, and includes some spots that are off limits to museum guests.

See what we did in Lyons NY

Every town along the Erie Canal is special and unique, having their own identity and community. We want to help these Canal Communities showcase what makes them worth living in, and visiting! Click the image below to see an aerial view of Lyons. Drag your mouse around to see the whole town and click into the businesses to get a closer look at what makes Lyons unique. Our aerial image of the village has been seen over 200,000 times!

  • Simple

    Tell us you want a shoot and we'll set it up around your schedule, before, during, or after busines hours!

  • Fast

    The photography takes about 10 minutes to complete and is online in less than a week.

  • Affordable

    Canal community businesses can take advantage of a low introductory rate of just $199.

Some Facts About us

We've done a few shoots over the years - here are some stats we've kept track of along the way.

  • Business Shot


  • Panoramic Images


  • Views of Our Work

    10 million+

  • Awards Won


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About Us

Be Local Now is dedicated to helping local businesses succeed. We do that through enhancing visibility, increasing engagement, and ultimately driving conversions. We turn digital traffic into physical traffic.

  • Visibility

    What do people find when they search for you online?

  • Engagement

    How are people interacting with what they find?

  • Conversion

    Are people making a decision to visit or buy from you?

We specialize in...

enhancing local businesses' presence on Google Maps.

People are searching for your business. They've been doing it since the late 90s. There was a time when a website was all you needed. Now there are a multitude of places that people can find information about your business. What we do is make sure that when people find you on Google, they see high-quality, professional Street View imagery that engages and converts.

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