Overlay System

What is the Overlay System?

The imagery that we create for businesses is beautiful and captivating, but in a culture of short attention spans, static imagery can lack the level of engagement that folks are looking for. Enter the Overlay System! 

You’ve likely had the experience of using a transparency (sheet of acetate) to put over a book or a diagram in order to add information without affecting what’s underneath. That’s the way the Overlay System works. The Street View imagery is what’s underneath, and the Overlay System allows us to add information on top of your Tour that increases engagement and helps to convert digital visitors into physical customers.

What can the Overlay System do?

In terms of imagery, we can use it to bring in any Street View imagery that’s been published to Google Maps and also use it to host custom panoramic imagery that isn’t necessarily published on Google. Once the imagery has been imported, we can can do all sorts of neat stuff! Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Overlay System Navigation

Navigation is easily the best part of the Overlay System

While many Street View Trusted tours are less than 15 panoramic images, larger businesses can benefit just as much from the interior imagery. Unfortunately, that whole short attention span thing means people generally aren’t clicking through hundreds of panoramic images. Navigation allows users to jump to a pre-determined spot in your tour.

Overlay System Hotspot

Hotspots allow dynamic information to pop up on demand

After navigation, the hotspot is the bread and butter of the Overlay System. While hotspots may do a variety of different things, typically users interact with them through a small icon. In the example above, the user clicks on the green “i” and an info panel pops up with information about the historical building. Info panels can include text, hyperlinks, images, audio, basically anything you can do with html and css, you can put in an info panel.

Overlay System YouTube Hotspot

YouTube Hotspot plays content inside the Overlay System

Many businesses have jumped on the YouTube train to take advantage of the popularity of video content. Using the Overlay System, we can bring in those great videos and make sure that there’s another way for prospective customers to see that great content.

If you’re interested, Be Local Now can also create these videos for you and add them into the Overlay System after your Street View shoot has been published.