Why Virtual Tours

To many, Virtual Tours and specifically those those that are created by Be Local Now (a Street View Trusted photographer) just make sense from a marketing perspective. The Google brand and Street View interface is both familiar to and inviting for users of Google Maps. Virtual Tours provide an immersive look into in establishment, whether that be a restaurant, shoe store, place of worship, or water park.

Pictures and video each have their place. Stunning photography is great for, say, for a restaurant if they’d like to share plates of food with prospective diners. Video is good option for capturing an activity, a service, or something where time and motion are important to capture.

Virtual Tours are the best choice when a complete experience is necessary to convey the full picture. Each panoramic image covers a complete sphere of view, 180° vertically by 360° horizontally. These spherical images are connected together and allow users to navigate from image to image via the familiar interface of Street View.

In July 2015, Google conducted an online survey of over 1200 respondents. The following graphics show the results of that survey:

virtual tours help

two out of three people want more virtual tours

google is number 1 for local search

See where Street View has been in Rochester: